Tuesday, February 7, 2017

At the Feb 4th, 2017 Alabama Beekeepers Association annual conference in Clanton. AL  Dr. Jamie Ellis (UFL- Gainesville ) spoke on the Honey bee Sustainability

Dr. Ellis said that the top three requirements for keeping a bee colony alive, and well, were:  Varroa control, Productive queens and Nutrition.  The national survey data he reviewed pointed to these three needs time after time.

Dr. Ellis recommends that every beekeeper download the
Tools for Varroa Management
here:  http://honeybeehealthcoalition.org/varroa/

It is Dr. Ellis opinion that there is no better document available today to guide beekeepers on the topic.  He stated that it does not matter whether we are small scale hobby beekeepers; sideliners or large scale commercial beekeepers - this document should be our go-to source of information.

The document covers all kinds of proven methods, from "natural" methods to man-made chemical compounds.

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